Heading back to school having Pediatric GI problems.

Summer flies fast. Returning back to school may cause some problems for toddlers, children and teenages. Is it a new school? What is the schedule going to look like? What type of sport team to join? What extracurricular activity to take? Where to find time for SAT and college application preparation?

It is particularly important to answer these questions at the end of summer. A lot of kids had unusual schedules last year due to COVID.

So the gastrointestinal, nutrition, medication questions that have to be addressed before school starts are multiple.

Does your child need a 504 plan due to inflammatory bowel disease, irritable bowel syndrome?

Is there need for extra time for academic testing due to gastrointestinal disability such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, malabsorption, constipation, gas, bloating? Is there a need for easy bathroom and water access? Is the bus ride too long?

Does a baby, infant, child or adolescent need a special diet? Is there a need for a gluten free, lactose free, allergy related elimination diet? Is there need for no simple sugar, no saturated fat diet for children with malabsorption or weight problems? If a child has gastrostomy or MIC button feeds what will be instruction for the nurse? Does a child need medication at school? When and by whom medication will be administered?

All these questions should be discussed with pediatric gastroenterologist, nutritionist, liver specialist before school starts or in september.

If any of the above applies to your child’s situation do not delay scheduling an appointment at

Dr. Erena Treskova

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