Our gut flora can help our metabolism. Or Microbiome and metabolic syndrome.

Our gut flora can help our metabolism. Or Microbiome and metabolic syndrome.

The gut microbiota is shaped by multiple factors such as diet, drug treatments, and geographic region.

Variations in the human gut microbial maturation process begin at the time of conception. Mode of birth and infant feeding seem to affect gut colonization, confirming that the maternal gut microbiota is important for a newborn.

Interestingly, studies revealed that gut microbial flora of obese Mexican children in certain geographic areas have higher abundance of Firmicutes, Proteobacteria and Actinobacteria (i.e consistent with more adult type gut flora) and a lower abundance of Bacteroidetes (i.e pediatric type gut flora).

Apparently, it is not just lifestyle that can affect gut microbiota, but also aging, geographic region, and individual variability in the human microbial maturation process must be considered before designing gut microbiome–based interventions to treat or prevent metabolic syndrome. Now, knowing that the gut microbiota of children is more flexible, additional efforts must be made to promote healthy gut flora, and navigate among multiple probiotics available in the market to ease up and possibly prevent development or deleterious of medical conditions before developing irreversible diseases.

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Dr. Erena Treskova

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