Seasonal Pediatric GI problems and nutrition: Spring Season.

It looks like spring finally decided to stay! Enjoy your sunny days! Get natural vitamin D from outdoors. Tired from the winter immune system will appreciate Vitamin C rich foods: citric fruits and sauerkraut. Now it is time to fight accumulated over winter unwanted extra pounds by staying physically active, keeping good hydration and night sleep. Thyroid gland helps with weight regulation and allows the body to stay energetic. Maintaining the proper function of thyroid gland is important, simple use of iodized salt while cooking might help. Positive impact of probiotics on the gut and immune system should be considered. If fatigue, belly pain, proper nutrition questions are coming up to your mind thinking about your child’s health, visit Dr Erena Treskova for an easy Telehealth appointment. Schedule one now at 

Help child to get through stress of academic pressure, exams and Covid isolation inflicted lifestyle disruption. See you soon.

Dr. Erena Treskova

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