Seasonal Pediatric GI problems: Fall Season.

Fall season is notorious for gastrointestinal issues in the pediatric population known as irritable bowel syndrome. It is provoked by school pressure, stress, lack of bathroom time, inability to drink water on time and sedentary life. It takes a toll on nerves and muscles of the gastrointestinal tract. Constipation, diarrhea, abdominal pain in particular in the morning before school, can lead towards thinking about irritable bowel.  It is important for a kid's gastrointestinal and mental health to enjoy nature, be physically active, eat more fiber and drink a lot of warm fluids. Remember that fall is remarkable for fresh fruits and vegetables, pleasant family physical activities like fresh produce and apple picking. But it is always important to make sure and consult pediatric gastroenterology professional Dr Treskova, if above symptoms are not alleviated by just lifestyle modifications. Early diagnosis is the key in successful treatment. To schedule an appointment contact the office via email, online or on the phone at 845-341-0264.

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