Seasonal Pediatric GI problems: Summer Season.

People usually think that having a roof over their heads, electricity, and running water cancels out mother nature’s influence. However, kids and the summer season can help bring her right in. With the school year over your kids have a great opportunity to spend time outdoors. They can visit the petting zoo, go swimming, or even go camping. Even though it all sounds great, to parents and kids, bacteria and parasites can easily ruin your summertime fun. Making sure your child is washing their hands, eating washed fruits and vegetables, not drinking lake water can all help you and your family stay clean and happy throughout the warm months. 


If you suspect your child is experiencing stomach issues due to parasitic or bacterial infection or any other concerning GI problems please reach out to the office of Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition of Dr. Erena Treskova. Scheduling an appointment with Dr. Treskova will assure that all your child’s GI needs will be taken care of. To schedule contact the office via email, online or on the phone at 845-341-0264. 

Dr. Erena Treskova

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