Seasonal Pediatric GI problems: Winter/Holiday Season.

Winter time, sedentary life, lifestyle changes and stress with Covid 19, holiday overeating all contribute to liver issues, weight problems and bowel habit changes. 

People are frequently unaware of side effects of stress, sedentary lifestyle and overeating on our health. It is affecting our immune and endocrine system. Mild to moderate physical activity, good hydration, proper diet and good amount of nighttime sleep will be helpful. The sickness can be insidious starting as fatigue, mood changes, generalized body pains, unexpected laboratory results abnormality. It is very important to make sure that professionals are involved early in this case so that autoimmune, inflammatory, metabolic and infectious causes are properly addressed and ruled out. 

If any of the above bothers your child please contact Dr Treskova's pediatric GI and nutrition office and schedule an appointment at

Dr. Erena Treskova

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