Summer precautions

Summer is here, enjoy every moment of it!

But do not forget to address all chronic abdominal pain complaints that your child had through the colder seasons. 

Summer is a good time to work on these chronic indigestion, constipation, intermittent diarrhea, nausea, vomiting issues.

Immune, endocrine and stomach, intestine, liver systems can benefit from consultation with pediatric gastroenterology specialist. Get this overdue diagnostic work done before fall rolls in! Learning how to help your child using the latest allopathic, alternative, nutritional, medical intervention during summer time. Prepare your child for a productive day care/school fall season.  

Summer eating is enhanced by plums, apricots, figs, and blueberries. Kids with constipation will greatly benefit from that.

Physical activity: hiking up the hill, swimming will benefit all kids, in particular good for overweight, constipated and ones with fatty liver issues. Just remember to be a good neighbor, do not let a child with fecal incontinence into the swimming pool. First make an appointment with Dr Treskova and get the clean out regiment going that will allow the child to enjoy summer swimming pool safely.

Summer holiday barbecue is a great time for families to get together. Just remember a child with celiac, on elimination diet or with food allergy should be enjoying their special meals avoiding cross contamination. That will prevent disruption of festivities by emergency room trip.

Keep in mind, hydration is very important for everyone, particular for kids with mouth texture issues, low weight kids, kids with cystic fibrosis and constipated ones.

If you have any questions about your child's gastrointestinal/GI health, please contact Dr. Treskova's pediatric GI, hepatology and nutrition office and schedule an appointment at

Dr. Erena Treskova

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