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Telecommunication in medicine allows us to have easy access to medical care. Telecommunication via our electronic devices such as cell phones, lap top, computer, IPod is easy and reliable. It excludes exposure to airborne pathogens while sitting in the physician’s waiting room. It saves time for patients and parents by making a lengthy commute unnecessary. It allows spending more time with physicians on questions and answers, not on filling up papers in the crowded waiting room. All information has to be done in the comfort of your home via your familiar electronic device in a timely manner. It allows staff to enter demographics on time before the appointment. The information provided by the family > 24 hrs in advance is viewed by the physician and helps with medical decision making. Website gives access to valuable information.Having portal communication with physicians is another tool that is widely used to expedite patient’s care these days.

Picture 1. Our web site has fax and email under ‘contact’. It allows scheduling appointments, paying bills, calling us, and connecting to a patient portal.


Picture 2. To connect to  a patient portal one has to use e-mail registered with us as UI. If needed you might reset the password.


 Picture 3.

Once inside the portal, one can:

-Schedule appointments. Once the appointment is scheduled, click on the ‘check in’ button and provide: family history, past medical history, medication, nutritional and lifestyle history, pediatrician’s name and address, pharmacy location. In the notes put laboratory and radiology facilities close to your home that are child friendly and accept patient’s insurance. It is essential to provide all of the above information before meeting a doctor. Your health is important to us and we review all health related information prior to visit, this information is essential in your child’s care. DO NOT SKIP it!

Please fax to us 866-586-6011 or email to or attach a message in the portal available lab, radiology, pathology, endoscopy findings. It is essential to give the doctor a chance to review this valuable information before your appointment. This information is crucial in the doctor’s decision making about further diagnostic and treatment options for your child.  

- see messages from your doctor and compose messages to staff or doctors. 

-print laboratory and radiology doctor‘s orders from “health reminders” on the bottom.

-look at patient records for download and print located under ‘My health” >records.


 Picture 4 

-  pay bills. Billing summary gives $ amount that has to be paid on website or at 


 Hope to see you soon in telehealth,

Stay healthy during the cold season!

If you have any questions about your child's gastrointestinal health please contact Dr Treskova's pediatric GI and nutrition office and schedule an appointment at 

Dr. Erena Treskova

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