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We are dedicated to the health and well-being of our patients and place the utmost importance in using the least invasive treatments possible. We use all new technologies in our practice, including lactose intolerance tests, endoscopy and colonoscopy. We follow new developments in laboratory science, nutrition research and radiology testing, to decrease the need for more invasive studies. We use non-invasive methods to evaluate difficult to reach areas of the digestive tract (small bowel with capsule endoscopy). Our practice takes pride in providing a positive experience with thorough follow-ups, education and prevention techniques. 

Below are Educational and Pharmacy Links that will able to help your child's health:

Empowered pelvic health

Nature Assist


Restorative Formulations (Note: To Register put the tel# 845-341-0264)

Health Concerns



Life Science Pharmacy    

Liberty Drug Pharmacy

Blooming Grove Pharmacy

Biogaia Probiotic

Sigmatau Pharmacy

International Foundation for Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders

Crohn's and Collitis Foundation

Mad Mat Yoga

Headsprout ( Creating Successful Readers )

IXL ( Developing Math Skills for Kids )

Jarrow Formulas

Gluten Free(Reference 1)

Gluten Free(Reference 2)

Potty Training(Reference 1)

Potty Training(Reference 2)

Potty Training(Reference 3)

Please call us today (845) 341-0264 (NY) or (973) 782-4082 (NJ) with questions or to schedule an appointment. We work with parents to gain optimum support for your child's gastric problems and related health issues.

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